10-02-07 New Sellwood Bridge Alternatives Selected

Last week the Sellwood Project Advisory Group met to select the final group of alternatives for further study and review.

Sellwood Bridge Alternatives under Study, in a .pdf file

1.) The 57 foot wide rehabilitation project does nothing for improving automobile/transit traffic, but seems to help bike/pedestrians. Thanks, but, no thanks.

2.) The two decked system is intriguing, while providing a little cover for walkers, the design would create a dreary, dirty and dangerous section, that would loose its appeal to many, and, the “possibility for striping 3 lanes” means while its possible to have 3 lanes, it will be tight, and will not adequately handle the future growth pressure that this new bridge will experience.

3.) The 64 foot wide bridge provides great bike/pedestrian access with its 6.5 foot bike lanes and 12 foot shared use lanes, it is still only providing 2 lanes of traffic. My money is on this selection if only because it isn’t the most expensive one, but it is the most expensive one we can afford. And for some reason so many people are under the mistaken impression that if we limit the bridge to 2 lanes, less people will want to cross it than if there are 3-4 lanes. The demand will be there, and the need to cross the river will not change dependent on the number of lanes. We must consider accommodating growth, not diverting it.

4.) In this case, bigger is better. Two auto lanes, two transit lanes, a 16 foot shared use, and 8 foot pedestrian walkway. This one seems to have it all.

We will have the opportunity to create this just once in our lifetime. Let’s hope we make the choice that will last our lifetime.

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