Our “What can we carry in a Burley?” game.

This summer, while visiting the folks at City Bikes Cooperative of Portland, in search of some utility type bikes we can use for shorter runs to the store and such, we found a cargo trailer made by Burley of Eugene. We have been looking at trailers for some time and the Burley Nomad one seemed just perfect. It is easy to hook up, it tracks reliably, it seems really strong and well built. It is not a trailer for hauling kids, and while Jack the dog would fit, he would certainly not sit still long enough to get out the driveway. But it will haul stuff. Burley recommends you limit the cargo to 100 pounds, which is certainly a limitation that I, as the pedaler most heartily endorse. They do not however have limits on what you can carry, hence our game of “What can we carry in our Burley?”
Our first cargo was hauling a watermelon to a 4th of July barbecue. We did not get a photo of that, and the ever helpful Honey is encouraging me to carry another so that we can get photographic proof.
Thanks Honey.
Since then the game has progressed. First pizza….

then, on another hot day, beer…….

And today, a trip to the home improvement store for 4 gallons of paint plus supplies. Lets see, one gallon of paint weighs 11 pounds, then four gallons times 11………

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