Bike Friday has released their newest folding bike.

tikit.jpegThe Tikitâ„¢ has been introduced, and according to Bike Friday, it’s “the world’s fastest-folding bike – and certainly the only one with the incomparable Bike Friday ride. ” This looks to be a great bike if you want a portable, easy to fold and transport bike, possibly for a commute, or neighborhood trips. It is easy to throw the bike in the back of any car and just go. We have a set of Bike Fridays that we have used on many trips. I will write a post about some of those trips later. Our New World Tourists do take a little longer to fold/unfold. With the New World Tourists, there are a couple of quick releases to secure, and you have to make sure the cabling is not tangled, so it appears they have improved that process. Looks like the brake and gearing component selection is limited on these models, but that might not be a big issue since Tikit buyers are looking for the features and style of this setup, not necessarily looking to build up a bike to fit their own spec needs. There are many folding bicycles on the market, made in the U.S. and overseas and we will look a little more at some of them in future posts. Bike Fridays are made folks in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is a town that has long known what cycling is about. I have no connection to Bike Friday, other than purchasing their bicycles, but they are pretty cool and people do notice you when you ride them. A little promo for the Tikitâ„¢and a video currently available on YouTube. Cant wait to see one.
And, is that a little wheel I see on the rear luggage rack to use when rolling the folded bike around when it has a rear rack?

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