Spring, I mean, Pioneer Century is next.

The PWTC has changed the name of the Spring Century back to the original Pioneer Century to reflect the history of the Champoeg, Canby and Molalla areas.
They have changed the route to include two loops of 55 miles and 45 miles.
The 55 mile loop is in the Molalla, Canby and Scotts Mills area an will be the more challenging of the loops.
The 45 mile loop is in the more rural area of Champoeg and doesn’t appear to have a lot of challenging climbs.
The entire ride promises to be a bit more difficult than the old Spring Century.
Here are the elevations gains.

  • 45 mile route: 1327 feet
  • 55 mile route: 3087 feet

The ride is on our ride calendar.
I am guessing that even though there appears to be more climbing, that the course no longer climbs Bird Hill. It is a climb you really don’t know is coming until you have turned the corner. It includes a section of fairly steep pitch, and features a false summit. The spring was my first century, and with my old Schwinn super sport, I was able to summit with only one stop during the climb to insure that my heart would not explode. Many more miles later, and with a newer bike, I have been able to nail this climb in the years since. It is encouraging to look back and measure the improvements in your health and performance as your bike mile increase.

To me, one the the hardest things about this century is the two loop format. After you do 45-50 miles, then end up back at the car for one of the rest stops, the temptation to bag your earlier century plans and climb into the car is alluring. Especially if its cold or raining. This is the same formula used by the Watermelon ride. The afternoon headwinds in the valley flat-lands of that ride can make that mid ride bailout a nice option to have. On the other-hand its nice to be able to drop off your warmer clothes or otherwise regroup before heading out for the rest of the ride.

In any case, this has always been one of the best local rides. The route, support, markings, and rest stops are first class. Once again, we will be there!

And, this from Ann Morrow of PWTC

Just an update on the ride: I believe yesterday Chris King and his
crew had a practice run for the lunch they plan to prepare for us. I
haven’t finished reading the newspaper yet this morning but I don’t
think there were any casualties!
The Dan Henry’s were going down earlier in the week on part of the
route. The maps are getting printed. A Costco run has been made
(how did we do these before Costco?).
You may not be aware that you CAN camp on Friday night out at the Fairgrounds for convenience. Breakfast will be muffins/bagels and
coffee (hmm, sounds like rest stop food). Regardless, you can have
coffee there before you head out.
PWTC is very excited about this ride. Change can be difficult. It’s
so much easier to just pull out last year’s maps and do the same
thing. The focus has been on the rider. I think it will show.
The start location, and I know you have done many rides in the
general area, is a bit of a drive from Portland/Vancouver but allows
for some great rural riding, quiet roads and beautiful views.
Starting south of Portland also allows our cycling friends from the
south easier access to the ride.
It should be a lot of fun.
Ann Morrow

3 thoughts on “Spring, I mean, Pioneer Century is next.

  1. Andres

    Great race on sunday. Loved the track luyoat. Specially the woods section by the road. Only complaint was the dust in the fields. Made it impossable to pass with someone in front of you.


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