Commuting again.

We got to ride in to work today after a 2 week layoff. I was just getting over my cold when Honey got hers. It was a clear and chilly ride, and we had enough time to take it easy due to the layoff and the fact Honey is still coughing and tired. We agreed on a small route change along North Shore in Lake Oswego, that essentially replaces one long steep climb with several shorter steep climbs. Little easier to manage, and with good speed, you can really shorten the difficult grinding parts. I already have my bag of stuff that includes a change of clothes in the locker room, but since it has been 2 weeks since I checked on it, I took a new full set of clothes in my pannier. Getting to work, and not having clothes to wear once I get there is not going to be a good thing, hence the backup set. I have noticed that since I am still so warm after riding and having a hot shower, that the cold clothes coming out of my pannier feel really nice.

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