Bike ride TO Sauvie Island.

Many bicyclists love to ride on Sauvie Island. We are not one of them. Yes, the area is rural and flat, but we find the shoulderless roads and inconsiderate drivers a very bad combination. I ride TO Sauvies Island. Just to look at the bridge. The new bridge construction is now underway, directly next to the old span. Pictures are posted on the GoLiNiel Bridge pictures page.
Some highlights of last Saturdays 47 mile ride.

  • The water level of Oaks Bottom is very low, and it seems to be filling with more vegetation than I remember from past years.
  • Huge used car sales day has taken over Oaks Park.
  • Stumbled upon the new Sauvie Island Bridge span being built at Port of Portland Terminal 2
  • Cinco de Mayo festival has taken over Tom McCall Waterfront Park.
  • Took many more pictures of the work on the new bridge. They should be posted soon on the GoLiNiel Bridge pictures page.
  • The “Bridge Diner” constructed as an old time diner, as a movie set for Untraceable, under the Morrison Bridge is completely gone. No visible trace it was ever there.
  • Heading back down front spotted the old beat up looking Dockside Inn, a little restaurant that almost looks abandoned from the outside, but was clearly packed with a lunchtime rush. On sunday there was an article in the Oregonian about that restaurant. Wierd.

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