Sellwood Bridge Open house set on July 25th

The Open House will the the third public event for the Sellwood Bridge project will be held on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Sellwood Middle School gym. Presentations will be held every 45 minutes to provide a project update, explain the results of the alternative screening process, and get the public’s input on the remaining alternatives. Detailed information about the alternatives which have been advanced for further study will be available as well. Take a survey at the open house or online (from July 30 through September 9) to provide input about these alternatives.

If you can’t go to any of the open houses at least sign up for the mailing list list to receive regular project updates.

Here is some good information on alternatives.
To me, the alignment chosen for the new bridge is secondary to the cross-views of bridge width. I would hope that we accept nothing less than a 4 lane road, with walkways, AND bike lanes on each side. I have heard the arguments that 4 lanes instead of 2 will increase traffic, but I do not buy it. The traffic will go where it needs to go, and people will not make a decision to go a certain way based on the number lanes. They base those decisions on time and distance. As we can see, the 2 lane bridge backs up and adds time, but it is still used. Isnt it better to have more cars travel with better traffic control, than less cars, travelling in jammed conditions?

The bridge just has to have safe bike lanes!!!

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