3rd edition of Portland bridge book is out

Way back in 1989 Sharon Wood Wortman published the first edition of the Portland Bridge Book, and I got my copy right away. In the first edition Wortman offered technical information, and history for 12 bridges across the Willamette River, two across the Columbia River, and several railroad bridges. The second edition added poetry, a couple of songs, a glossary of terms, a list of owners and web sites, and an index. The books have very nice line drawings, but I thought the book lacked photographs, and could be improved with nicer photographs. It looks like Powell’s books, which is where I got my first one, has just one more copy left!
So, late last year, the 3rd edition became available, and I was able to get my copy at the Powell’s Books at the airport while waiting for my wifes flight. (While airport stores are usually more expensive, Powell’s promises that their airport store is priced identical to their original). Go here, for info on Sharon and her 3rd edition. Anyway, this edition does have 100 current, and 50 historical photographs, which provide a much better sense of the structures and their surroundings. An added chapter on Sauvie Island Bridge, and many other updates. It is a very nice addition to my bridge library.

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