Mason Bees for our backyard.

We got a couple tubes of mason bee cocoons that we are hoping will hatch about 30 bees.
Plus we want them to know that they always have a home to come home to.
So they should soon be hatching, and going about their busy bee like activity.
Then plugging up the little holes with baby bees for next year. We will watch closely.
Last year we had a colony of bees in the bird house below this bee home, but it doesn’t appear they are coming back.

We got our bees and home from The Backyard Bird Shop, here is their blog post on Mason Bees.

The Backyard Bird Shop has recently been instrumental in promoting a bird seed tax to assist with wildlife preservation projects. Wildlife habitats are shrinking rapidly in the Portland metro area especially, and much work is needed to preserve and resurrect the areas that we do have left.

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