Roasting Chestnuts in an enclosed oven…..

So Honey finds this wonderful stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving, and one of the ingredients is roasted chestnuts.
Hmm, where can you buy roasted chestnuts?
No matter. The internets are full of how-to pages for roasting them, all I need are fresh chestnuts, still in their shell. I can learn how to roast chestnuts.
And as I discover, Safeway does indeed have fresh chestnuts.

Click On - Whole Chestnuts

Here’s a plate of fresh chestnuts. I am not sure I ever knes what they looked like before now.

Click On - Peeled Chestnuts

Most of the instructions say to score them with a knife.  A serrated knife worked best for me. Some say make one cut, some say make an x, some say just stab with a fork.
I chose x’es. It just felt right. The internest did say,  Do NOT roast them without scoring them first, or they will explode. Honey quickly nixed my plan to see how they might explode.

Click On - Roasted Chestnuts

We roasted them in our oven for 20 minutes. I know the song, but the fire just seemed like overkill.

Click On - Peeled Chestnuts

Then after letting them cool a little bit, just peel off the skin.
They were great in the stuffing, and not bad to eat by themselves while they are warm.

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