Our Office Fish Tank

Our company has a large fish tank in the front lobby, next to our receptionist.
Today, she sent out this e-mail.

To: Office

Leroy was a good fish.  He didn’t ask much from this life, just a good sized rock over his head, an algae pellet every other day and he was content.  Leroy was an original member of the group that arrived with the fish tank and he conducted himself with dignity and grace all of his days.  Leroy was a Pisces and enjoyed swimming and most water sports.  He is survived by his brother Earl who is the “sole” remaining fish from the original group.

Adieu Leroy

One thought on “Our Office Fish Tank

  1. Klaus

    I like how you went with this idea. That gold one is pretty nifty and of corsue I like the bottom one two pretty! Hope you’re well Alex and staying warm xo Mary Jop.s. I think Phil is still manly even if he things the cloud and rain necklaces are cute!


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