January snowshoeing on Bennett Pass road

We snowshoed out from Bennett Pass rest area, along the ridge to one of our favorite viewpoints.
The rains and warmer weather has turned this weeks now into a crunchy walk, hard enough that our poles rarely penetrated the surface. And no snows on the trees at all. We were walking in the low laying clouds, but the temperatures were quite comfortable.

This is an out and back walk, simple to follow, with no significant elevation changes.
Here we encountered a downed tree on the trail that was no real obstacle while on foot.

Downed tree on Bennett Pass road

It is at this point we like to stop for lunch and enjoy the view of the mountain.
Today there was no such mountain view.

Fog covered valley from Bennett Pass

Stopping at Timberline lodge, we were afforded a pretty good view through the clouds, of Mt. Jefferson.

View of Mt Jefferson from Timberline Lodge

Timberline has installed a new walkway to keep the snow drifts from the entrance.
Aesthetically speaking, it isn’t much of an improvement over the old Quonset hut style walkway it has replaced.
It really doesn’t seem to fit into the style of the Lodge, but I suppose its more about function than form.

New walkway into Timberline Lodge

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