“Leverage” is coming to the state of Oregon

Leverage has made my Tivo Season Pass list.   Honey didn’t think much of it at first passing it off as simplistic and  formulaic.  And, maybe it is a bit of that, but it is also a lively, entertaining continuing story dramatic/comedy,  filled with unpredictiable twists.  It isn’t near the top of our watch lists, but with Tivo, it doesn’t have to be.  Anyway its going to film in Oregon?  That’s a bit of a stretch given its slant towards exotic locales, but maybe with next years plot line of the gang splitting and perhaps lying low, then rural Oregon may be just the thing.  It will be fun to see.

‘Leverage’ with Timothy Hutton coming to film in Oregon

By DAVID KROUGH, kgw.com Staff

SALEM, Ore. — A TNT crime drama is coming to Oregon.

That’s the word from Governor Ted Kulongoski who announced Thursday the hit television series, “Leverage” is coming to the state and many Oregonians will be hired as cast and crew.

“The decision to locate in Oregon is a clear indication that our incentive programs are working. State support for film and television creates jobs and brings a big return on investment for Oregon taxpayers,” Kulongoski said.
The show starring Timothy Hutton is to start its second season. Creators describe it as “a team of thieves, hackers and grifters who join forces to take revenge against those who use power and wealth to victimize others.”
“We’re delighted to be bringing ‘Leverage’ to Oregon,” Electric Entertainment Founder and ‘Leverage’ Executive Producer, Dean Devlin said.

“From our initial scouting of locations to making the final decision to move the production, we have found the cooperation and assistance from everyone at the Governor’s Office of Film & Television to be extraordinary. The officials from the city of Portland and those at the state level have also been outstanding. We are so impressed by the wide variety of locations available to us,” Devlin said.
Shooting will begin in late spring at locations across the state.

By DAVID KROUGH, kgw.com Staff

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