I-5 Bridge design proposals include wind turbines

New designs have been released for the I-5 bridge, to include wind turbines that could be used to supply the power needs of the bridge itself. Thats a cool idea in theory. I hope its not a cost & maintenance nightmare in reality.  What I do like is the idea of a toll to use the bridge.  Washington residents should pay for the priviledge of using the jobs and resources of our state so that they can pay less for property taxes.

From the Associated Press:
PORTLAND — A new green design proposal for the Interstate-5 Bridge has generated a lot of buzz.
Details on turbine bridge proposal

Florida architectural firm Touchstone Architecture unveiled a bridge design with vertical, spinning wind turbines. The firm said this bridge would showcase this region’s leadership in sustainability.
The goal was to take advantage of the wind coming through the Columbia River Gorge and help ease traffic on the I-5 bridge.
What was unclear was how much electricity could be generated and what it would be used for. There was talk of possibly providing electricity for the toll booths and/or the bridge lights.
Also, there was discussion about whether a new bridge should include 12 lanes and extend light rail to Vancouver.
The cost for this new design was undetermined at this time.
Some opponents disagreed these wind turbines would make the bridge sustainable. They told The Oregonian newspaper that they were also concerned about safety and the cost.
Most policy-makers said a toll is necessary to help pay for for construction.
Oregon and Washington lawmakers planned to ask Congress to help foot part of the $4 billion bridge that would replace the I-5 bridge.

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