Old bridges on the Clackamas

Bike/Pedestrian bridge over the Clackamas

On my last bike ride through Cross park in Gladstone, I stopped by the old bridges to see how they looked in the fall light, their views opened by the bare trees. The water is running high, clear, and no doubt very cold. Each time I go by I hope there there is some sort of activity, giving a hint that progress is being made in repairing the fire damage to the under-structure of this bridge so that we can ride across and easily access southeast Oregon City. But, there is still no such action.

Abandoned  Southern Pacific Bridge over the Clackamas

This old southern Pacific railroad span sits firm and still just west of the Park place pedestrian bridge. It appears that it is cheaper, and more ecologically sound to let it remain undisturbed, than to remove it. There is no railroad in need of this bridge anymore.

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