Digital Photography & Memory Cards

I had used traditional film photography for many years, reluctant to switch to digital; arguing that snapping/deleting hundreds of digital images and using photo shop to cover up all your mistakes in exposure and composition, removes the care and planning required in capturing one correctly exposed image on film.

While I have made the transition to digital nearly completely, in order to switch to a simpler photographic solution, the digital life is not without its own set of complexities.

Today’s subject is the use, and care of media cards.
We get our media cards from one of the many discount on-line sources.
Prices of memory space continue to drop due to improving technology and the laws of supply and demand, so a little shopping around can make for substantial savings.

Currently I am using three 1 gig cards, numbered with a permanent marker, rotating them as needed. Later I will discuss the management of cards and images.
I’m closing this post by pointing to a pretty good list on ‘Digital Photography School’ on 13 Tips for Using and Caring for Memory Cards

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