Junction City Scandinavian Festival is on!

The Scandinavian Festival starts today, Thursday Aug 9th, and continues through Sunday the 12th. The festival is in downtown Junction City, just north of Eugene, on Highway 99. It is easy to find.
This year, opening day is Danish Day!

You can watch Danish Aebleskivers being made.

Two stages, with Dancing and Music
The previous two photos are courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.

We will be there sometime this weekend and hope to take some original photos. You can always get a full Scandinavian meal any time of the day so it doesn’t really matter when you get there. While you are there, the one thing you do not want to miss is the Lutheran Aebleskiver booth. It is pretty interesting to watch them being made and the fresh and hot aebleskivers are well worth the wait. Lots of handmade crafts, dancing, music and entertainment to be found night and day. The wine terrace under the water tower is a nice place to take some food and share some drinks.

You can find lots more information about the festival here:
Junction City’s Scandinavian Festival

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