Environment Oregon helps pass important bills in 2007 legislative session.

When the Legislature adjourned from Salem a few weeks ago, Envionment Oregon concluded the best legislative session for Oregons environment in three decades. Environment Oregon passed, or helped pass, bills to increase our use of renewable energy, reduce global warming pollution, expand recycling in Oregon, protect Oregons great outdoors, and clean up toxic water pollution. As they plan work for the coming months, you can let them know what you think are the most important issues to be working on.

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The cornerstone of their agenda was the Renewable Energy Standard putting Oregon on a path toward 25% renewable energy by 2025, which will move us toward energy independence and global warming solutions. They also passed several bills to spur energy conservation and greater use of solar power, and a bill establishing targets for reducing global warming pollution in Oregon. The Legislature also enacted both of the top priorities for recycling: expanding Oregons Bottle Bill to put a 5-cent refundable deposit on water bottles, and creating a free and convenient program for Oregonians to recycle computers and TVs. Also passed several bills to protect Oregons outdoors: a bill that puts a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling on the Oregon Coast, and a bill that asks voters to approve reforms to measure 37 and protect Oregons forest and farms. As well as two important measure for cleaning up Oregons air and water: a toxic water pollution prevention bill and increased funding for the Department of Environmental Qualitys implementation and enforcement of clean air and water laws.

You can get more details on the 2007 session here:

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