Monthly Archives: April 2007

Circular folding bicycle might work for someone.

This bike I found posted at Cycle-Licious. It is designed by Josef Cadek and while it doesn’t appear to be a real comfortable or efficient bicycle it may still have some value. It may fit into that designer mode, and while designed bikes can look really cool, I am not normally interested in bikes that don’t have some characteristic of what I feel a bike should be. But I do like folding bikes. To me they represent efficiency of space, portability, attention to detail, and opportunity to use a bike where you might not normally be able to. So, when I saw this bike I thought here is a bike that might work for really well for someone who needs a quick, park & ride mode of bike transportation. Or for those who appreciate the “style” that accompanies this bike, when its folded and as well as when its in use. Maybe not the one for us, but that’s OK too. This bike will be posted on our “Cool Bikes” page as well.Locust1.jpgLocust2.jpg

Bikes gain breathing room on Hawthorne Bridge.

Jonathan, over at reports on the upcoming change to the bike lanes on the uphill approach to the Hawthorne Bridge. Great photos Jonathan. The picture of the TriMet bus whizzing by just a few feet away illustrates the close quarters in which bikes and vehicles operate. In this uphill section, it is very helpful to have a little more room for bicycles to operate. This bridge gets a great deal of bike traffic and there are many times when faster cyclists overtake slower ones. When cycling, it is often a dangerous situation when bikes begin to clog up, and as the lane is currently configured, there is no room to pass without entering the danger areas of the speeding vehicular lanes. This is one more project aided by the work of the Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee.

My VCR jumped ahead an hour. Today!?

Hmm, I thought, thats odd. I’m looking at the clock on the VCR and it looks like time has flown by faster than I realized. Wait a minute now, all the other clocks in the house are an hour behind this one. Then it dawns on me, it is time for daylight savings to begin, under the old laws and our VCR, the left wing democrat that it is refuses to recognize the new 2007 daylight savings laws. I must say I am not happy about that since it is a 12 step process to be able to successfully alter the clock on that thing and since it is the only clock in the room, where are TV is, it must be correct. So, tonight I must go through the process again. And now I begin to think I will have to manually adjust the time twice each March.
Hate to buy a new VCR. I hate to admit I actually still have a VCR. I doubt that there is a software patch to fix this issue so I guess I will just have to live with it.