Tour de Valley

Start/Finish: Oregon Gardens - Silverton

2005 = 70 miles

The second annual ride, but the first time we had a chance to ride in it.

Fund raiser for the Special Olympics, includes rides of 10, 20, 35, 48, 65 or 100 miles through the farmlands of the  Willamette Valley.
Lisa and I leave home, with our bike fridays folded up in the back, shortly after 700.
We arrive at the gardens, get ready and registered and on the bikes about 8:30

It was forecasted to be in the upper 60s and partly sunny. Lisa takes that to heart and leaves in shorts, since its still a bit chilly I go in tights. A good call, as the thick cloud cover of the morning never burns off and it is just a little chilly. But the day is nice, there was no afternoon valley headwinds to deal with, and only a little rain the last 1/2 hour of the day. The course does a clockwise circle from Silverton, to Gervais, Woodburn, Hubbard, Aurora, Canby, Monitor, through the Gallon House covered bridge and then back to Silverton. We arrive about 300, having not really pushed ourselves too hard, stopped for restfull stays at the two stops, and to visit with Vic and Gina Bartruff while they were gardening outside at their home on Knightsbrige Road, west of Canby.
Very pretty ride, the course was good, and only one stretch on a highway that wasnt fun. Really pretty flat.
I was amazed at the number of very large fields of JB Turf grass out in that area. They had lawns that could cover 20 football fields, mowed and flat as any front lawn should look.

Had a good sphaghetti dinner at the Gardens, prior to heading home.

Saw several friends at the ride, Amy R, Liz R, counsellor Ken. Turns out Pam O rode as well, but we didnt know it and didnt see her.

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