Pioneer Century

Start/Finish: Canby Fairgrounds Rides:

1998 = 96
1999 = 100
2000 = 100
2001 = 97
2003 = 100
2005 = 68
2007 = 48
2009 = 45

2009 - Rode this one solo this year. We got prepped and loaded the night before, then Lisa began to not feel well. We decided she should skip it, but since I was ready to go, and she was looking forward to an extended nap, I went out. Met up with Sue Kloster and her friend Molly and we did the ride together.
This is always one of the top bike rides in the area. The route, support, and food are all top notch.
Just did the 45 mile loop as I didnt want to spend a lot of time out on the bike, as there was lots to do for the day. This route heads west out of Canby, crossing I-5 and out past Champoeg park, south down Riverside/River road, and in through St. Paul. From there its back east on French Praire and through Donald. Then taking Lower Boonesferry, and Arndt road back into Canby. Where we pass this abandoned Lumber Carrier on the side of the road. It has sat seemingly undisturbed, here at the side of the road for many years. My Dad operated a machine just like this in a sawmill, back in the day when the lumber mills worked long and hard hours.

2007 - Another Pioneer (Spring) ride is in the books. For various reasons our mileage choice for this years was the 45 mile loop. Here's some thoughts on this years ride:

2005 - Came home Thursday after spending 6 days in Kentucky and was able to take our bike fridays to get in 51 miles in two rides. Hadnt been able to ride may days immediately before, so, when Saturday rolled around, doing the century didnt seem so applealing. Getting up early enough to make the necessary early start for a century wasnt our first choice, so Lisa and I opt for the metric century. This allows us to get out there, register, and on the road about 830. Weather is cloudy and cool, but no rain, and little wind. The route is good, mostly all flat, skipping the most difficult climb, which is Bird Hill, but still kicking in some steep climbs 10 miles from the finish at Butteville. We take our tour bikes which sometimes feel really huge after riding the Fridays for a period. Our pace is steady and unforced, but still keep a 15.0 average for the route. The allergies kick in and wear me down towards the end, this is afterall the grass seed capital of the world. Route starts at Canby fairground, goes south to Silverton, west to Hazel Green school, north up to Champoeg park then back east to canby.

2003 - Having skipped the spring century in 2002 in favor of the Strawberry, it was back to the Spring for this year. Unfortunately both the Strawberry and the Spring are on the same day, so you must choose. It is tough to pass up the shortcake waiting for you at the Lebanon High School when you finish, but the two hour drive to the start is just not as convenient as the Canby Fairgrounds for the Spring. Lisa and I rode together, and since she favors the Spring as well, we made our choice, both of us having experienced wind and rain whenever the Strawberry was attempted. Weather predictions varied from some rain, to just cool morning with partly sunny afternoon. Since we didn't have to be done real soon this day, we opt for a slightly later start than usual for a century hoping to take advantage of the later part of the day being better weather. We were correct. Though it did not rain at all, the morning sky was gray and cool as far as you could see. It was apparent the clouds would not blow over but would need to burn off. We arrive at the start at 730 to wait in the long line of "day of ride" registrants, which takes about 1/2 hour to get through. We did not decide and commit early enough to send in a pre-registration as usual and we regret it now. There were over 50 people in line with nothing to do but wait and stare at the booth for the pre registrations, which had no one in line. The ride was very nice, only a slight headwind. Bird Mountain, while challenging and steep in parts was not unpleasant. The down hill side, which in other years had been very dangerous due to rough road and potholes, was freshly paved with asphalt and very smooth. It was a pleasure to fly down the hill, and enjoy the views of the woods and the valleys below without having to keep an eye out for danger. The route has been changed slightly, we somehow got in to Mollala without crossing those dangerous angling railroad tracks, that I crashed on in 1999. And rides no longer can stop at Nussom Farms which has been so pleasant, with their covered fruit stand, and green grass. But the stops were good with plenty of food and we were able to complete the entire ride without having to use the power bars we brought along for supplementation. Met many friends at some of the stops, but never stayed in them too long, so we were able to make pretty good time. While we didn't press hard, we arrived at the finish at 430 after leaving at 830. A very good ride, there were a few other steep stretches that we were able to climb with only minimal complaints. We both felt good, and were blessed with no flats or other problems. We stopped at Angelos fruit stand on the way home to buy a 1/2 flat of strawberries. Made our own shortcake it was great and we felt like we really deserved it.

1998 - The spring century was the first century I ever did. Started each ride as a solo rider, but managed to hook up with others throughout the rides. Starting at the Canby fairgrounds it heads out east through Silverton, then west over I-5, to the Wheatland ferry, up to Champoeg Park, then back to Canby. Not a lot of climbing on the route, but one significant climb up Bird hill. The first year I did the ride, as training for the first Cycle Oregon, I took my blue Schwinn super sport. I remember that I did not make it up that climb without stopping. It is satisfying to know that on the last 3 Spring Centuries, having done it 4 times to date, I have not had to stop on that hill since.