Ride Around Clark County

Start/Finish: Clark County Community College, Vancouver

2000 = 65 miles
2001 = 72 miles
2002 = 67 miles
2003 = 67 miles
2004 = 67 miles

Pretty uneventful ride this year.
As can be seen by the last few years. the route hasn't changed, the metric century is still 67 miles long. Lisa cant be convinced to take the loop out, to make it a 100 century. She's thinking its still a little early in the year, and the loop adds considerable climbing that she isn't anxious to take on given that even the 67 mile loop has some rollers and a few steep but short climbs. I agree with her on this and am quite happy in doing the 67 mile loop, but cant resist chiding her and testing her determination by letting her know that we did reach the option turn under the time limit which would allow us to take the 100 mile loop if we wanted. She wont budge though. 1203 riders registered for the ride, due to the great weather, with temps in the high 70s, maybe low 80s. An organizer said they had about 800 day of ride registrations. This extra crowd caused them to be a little short of food particularly at the last stop where they had no peanut butter for the bagels and none of their famed trail putty. Not a problem though, since they had plenty of doughnuts.


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