Local Bike Clubs & Riders & Resources

Bicycle Paper Free monthly newspaper. Slightly slanted towards Seattle since it originates there, but still pretty good stuff.
Bike Portland The best bicycle blog in the state of Oregon.
Bicycle Transportion Alliance We support this group, they do great things for bicycling in Oregon.
Bicycling Life
Bicycle Magazine Slick, maintstream bike mag.
Cascade Bicycle Club The major club in the state of Washington. Host of Seattle-To-Portland.
Crazy Guy on a Bike Thousands of personal logs of bike tours around the country. Great stories.
Cycle Oregon The biggest bike tour in the state.  Honey and I met because of this ride.
Cycling Post
Discovery Channel Sponsor of the "US" team, previously headed by Lance.
Efficient Velo Tools Brett Flemming, Service Mgr for Bike Gallery is a friendly and knowledgeable mechanic. A great teacher who runs an amazing bike tools business in his home.
G.E.A.R.s Greater Eugene Area Riders. Cool acronym for a club.
Tyer Hamilton An american rider with a great determination on the bike, and a great fall into performance enhancing drugs.
Heaths Cycling.com Bike related site hosted by some friends.
Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail The highway has much history, and is being resurrected as a great bike route.
George Hincapie George is a stud on and off the bike.
Louisville Bike Club Honeys hometown is starting to come around as a bike community, and here is one reason why.
Mid Valley Bicycle Club Corvallis area club. Host of the Covered Bridge Tour in Albany.
NPGreenway Collaborative effort to promote Willamette River area trail access in North Portland.
News for Neighbors Communal type website including bike transportation issues.
Team Northwest Tandemonium We are not a member, but we did have one on our cake.
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association The bike racting organization of Oregon
Oregon Bike Calendar and Registration site for most Oregon bike events.
Oregon Bicycle Ride Smaller scale supported bike tour. We hope to ride in this one someday.
Oregon Cycling Online bike magazine
Oregon Human Powered Vehicles OHPV is a group of fun-loving recumbent bike and trike riders
Portland Wheelmen Bicycle Club Portland bike club. Host of the Pioneer Century.
Portland Cycling Resource for Portland area bicyclists
Portland Velo Web centric bike club focusing on recreational Portland area rides
PUMP PUMP is mostly about having a good time on your mountain bike.
Race Across Oregon Qualifying race for RAAM
Redmond Cycling Club Redmond Bike club. Host of the RAMROD
Road Bike Rider Weekly newlsetter sent by Email, providing a free newlsetter, and a subscription level for indepth information and e-books.
Salem Bicycle Club Salem area club. Host of the Monster Cookie, Watermellon and the Peach.
Santiam Spokes Lebonon area club. Host of the Strawberry ride in Lebanon.
Shift to Bikes A group, open to all, sharing in Portlands creative bike culture.
Sheldon Brown Perhaps the most comprehensive bike maintanance site on the web.
Siskyou Velo Largest and most active bicycling club in Southern Oregon.
Slug Velo For slow and sociable bike riding.
Tacoma Wheelmen
Tacoma club that puts on a lot of rides.
Team Blueberry Local site to promote local riding.
Umpqua Velo Roseburg Bike Club. Host of Rim to Roseburg and Tour de Fronds.
Vancouver Bicycle Club Vancouver area club.  Host of the Ride Around Clark County.
Washington county bike rides Focusing on biking issues in Washington County.
Yaquina Wheels Bicycle Club Lincoln City area club.  Host of the Yaquina Lighthouse ride.
Dave Zabriske Dave is a cool pro rider. One of the best time trialists on the circuit. He is not on drugs, he just sounds like it.


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