Making a difference

A friend of mine recently left our business office, to follow her dreams in becoming a surgical nurse. As part of her training she has beagan a 3 month internship working in the Operating Rooms of the Emergency treatment center of a local hospital.

Here is her report on her second day at work.
I dont remember that the second day at my work was this significant.

Day 2 was great. It was a slow night in the O.R., so I only got to
scrub 2 surgeries. Both great experiences and I learned a lot. I got to
wear lead for the first time. It wasn’t as heavy or hot as I thought
that it would be. Still about 35 extra lbs. Good thing I lost some of
that prior to this gig. I am hoping to scrub a total knee replacement
today … we will see.

It is a privilege
and totally cool to be able to walk behind these doors. In the inside
ring of the O.R., you can see into all the rooms. I can go into any O.R.
during any surgery to observe if I am not scrubbing that case. I am
grateful and don’t take it for granted. I pray for all of my patients at
the beginning of each procedure. I hope I will never forget that these
are people who are loved by others and are God’s children. This was
especially true for a very young patient I had. I kept thinking of how
trusting this little one’s parents are of me, who they don’t even know.


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