John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center

We stopped by the Environmental Learning Center on a cold and sunny Saturday to take a look around the natural area.   It was early in the morning, and the pond had a thin layer of ice.  The path around the pond feels much like a natural forested area as you duck and weave around all the naturalized vegetation.  I seem to remember that the pathway was made and the native plants were transplanted in the 80s. It included a recycling center and other experiemental projects.  A very forward thinking environmental reclamation/education project for its time.  At that time, many bridges, benches and board walks were built, using both wood lumber and recycled plastics lumber, as an experiment to determine its longevity.  It is now apparent that many wooden lumber pieces are in need of replacement whereas the plastic lumber is much like I remember them when they were installed.  Environmental Learning Center pond

The Haggart astronomical observatory is also there.  The gates were closed so we couldn’t climb up, but then again it was daytime, so there wasn’t much need to be up there.  They do have opportunities to go up and see the stars.  That could be fun.

Haggart Observatory

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